Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I have access to the HMIS Training Site?
  • Yes! Please email the help desk for login information
I need access to Clarity and/or I have someone who needs access. What are the next steps?
  • Please email the help desk and we will get you set up with the required trainings.
I have access to Clarity - what do I do now?
  • Login and change your password
  • Gather paperwork and information for clients that entered your programs during the blackout period
  • Review the Basic Data Entry Guide and CE Data Entry Guide
  • Ensure Clients have a new Statewide Data Sharing ROI signed
  • Search for clients in Clarity
  • Add any new clients in Clarity
  • Enroll your clients in your Agency's programs
  • Add any notes, record services, add file attachments, etc.
  • Exit any clients / household from your Agency's programs that left during the blackout period 
I am seeing a lot of duplicate Client records. Can you merge them?
  • At this time, because we are still migrating data into the new system, we are not able to merge client records. 
  • Please keep a list of the client unique identifiers that need to be merged and when ICA announces that merges can be sent, you may email an agency wide merge list. 
If ICA is unable to merge duplicate records, how do I know which client record to use?
  • You are able to search for your clients using their ServicePoint ID - this information was migrated into client alias fields.
  • If you do not know the ServicePoint ID, you can still search for the client's name. This may populate more than one record; you can verify the client date of birth and last four digits of their social security number. You can also look at the Last Updated column to see when data in the record was most recently updated. If you are actively working with a client, this would be a recent date/year. Please ensure you are continuing to use the client record that already has the enrollment and supporting services / notes. 

I can't see Coordinated Entry Enrollments in my client record. Where is it? 

  • To see Coordinated Entry enrollments that were migrated from the legacy system, you will need to switch into the Coordinated Entry Agency. Going forward, you will see CE enrollments from any agency on the client Programs or History tab.

What Release of Information (ROI) do I use to share my client data in the HMIS? 

  • The only CoC approved ROIs are the Chittenden and BoS Coordinated Entry HMIS ROI's. In order to share client data, these are the ROI's that need to be signed and recorded in the privacy shield on the client record. As long as the client has a signed and valid Coordinated Entry HMIS release in the privacy shield, then a new CE HMIS ROI is not needed to be signed, regardless of the agency that originally acquired the signed ROI agreeing to share data statewide.
  • If you want clients to sign an additional release specific to your program / agency, then please upload that to the File section of the client record or enrollment. 

How do I ensure my client is prioritized correctly for Coordinated Entry in Clarity? 

  • When asking client to sign the new statewide data sharing CE/HMIS ROI, gather the clients Current Living Situation and Chronic Homeless Determination questions so the most up-to-date information can then be added to Clarity and will pull correctly when the Prioritization Report is ready. 

I made an error entering new data / enrollments / services. How can I remove it? 

  • Please email the help desk with all the details (client unique ID, enrollment, data, service, etc.) and we can remove it for you. 

I need to change my Program Enrollments Head of Household. How do I do this? 

  • Navigate to your current HoH Program tab, click the edit pencil for the Enrollment you need to update. Once inside the Enrollment, on the right-hand side of your screen click on the edit pencil to the right side of 'Head of Household'

  • Change the HoH and make sure all group members have the appropriate Relationship to Head of Household selected. Click Save Changes. 

How do I add a Service? 

  • To add a Service, you will want to be in the correct Agency. Navigate to the HoH Program Enrollment. Click on the edit pencil of the Enrollment you need to add a Service to. Click on the Provide Service tab. 

  • The Program Enrollment must not have an end date / be closed in order to provide a Service. 

Can I delete things in the system? How?

  • Yes! Click HERE for a guide on how to delete:
    • Client Enrollments
    • Services
    • Notes
    • File Attachments

    If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your VT HMIS System Administrators;

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