NH New User Training

Do you or your organization need to access to the NH HMIS?

All users are required to take the New User Training Series before they can be granted access to the NH HMIS site. The series includes 6 recorded trainings and a skills assessment (homework). The user has 30 days to successfully completed the recordings and the skill assessment.

Please email the NH HMIS HelpDesk to request the New User Training; nhhmis@icalliances.org

Include in email:

  • Name of New User
  • Email of New User
  • Project(s) New User will be entering data for

Once the user has successfully completed, there will be more advanced trainings will be needed to meet the specific data entry needs of projects like:

  • Coordinated Entry
  • CoC funded projects
  • ESG funded projects
  • ESG CV funded projects
  • State funded projects
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