Emergency Shelter Provider: Services are included in the stay when a client is physically staying in the Emergency Shelter. 

  • The Entry Start Date is the day the client begins physically staying in your project.
  • The Exit Date is the day the client is no longer physically staying in your project

Supportive Services Only (SSO) Provider: This project is used for clients who are NOT physically in the Emergency Shelter and you are providing services to them. You will need to enter Services and Referrals in the Service Transaction tab.

  • The Entry Start Date is the day you begin providing services to client.
  • The Exit Date is the day the client is no longer being served. 


There are different types of SGIA services in HMIS and each will fall under its own specified category. The link below includes a comprehensive list of service types based on the kind of service you provide to the client. You may provide multiple services that are listed in the same category and will enter these using the corresponding type. The Case/Care Management option is designed to encompass both categories.  


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