PATH Program HMIS Manual

The PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) Program HMIS Manual is intended to support data collection and reporting efforts of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Lead Agencies, State PATH Contacts and PATH Program grantees. PATH Program participation in HMIS provides for client care coordination and the generation of the PATH Annual Report, in addition to other benefits to clients and PATH Program grantees. This manual provides information on HMIS project setup and data collection guidance specific to the PATH Program. 
The guidance provided in this document aligns with requirements around using HMIS as stated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and refers to the data elements required for PATH to enter in an HMIS as established in the 2017 HMIS Data Standards Version 1.3. This document is not a replacement for any specific program guidance, requirements, regulations, notices, and training materials on the PATH Program. This manual only addresses the use of HMIS for the PATH Program.
  1. Revision History
  2. Introduction 
  3. Additional Resources
  4. HMIS Related Documents
  5. Definition of Terms
  6. HMIS Project Setup.
    1. Identify Projects for HMIS Participation
    2. Identify Project Funding Components
    3. PATH Project Descriptor Data Elements
      1. Organization Identifiers (2.1)
      2. Project Identifiers (2.2) 
      3. Continuum of Care (CoC) Code (2.3)
      4. Project Type (2.4)
      5. Method for Tracking Emergency Shelter Utilization (2.5) 
      6. Federal Partner Funding Sources (2.6)
      7. Bed and Unit Inventory Information (2.7) 
      8. Additional Project Information (2.8)
  7. PATH Data Collection Requirements
    1. Data Element P1 Services Provided- PATH Funded 
    2. Data Element P2 Referrals Provided- PATH
    3. Special Data Collection Instructions
    4. PATH Data Collection Workflow 
    5. SAMHSA Automatic Exit Policy
      1. Data Collection for Household Members:
      2. Documenting Chronic Homelessness:
  8. PATH Reporting Notes
  9. HUD System Performance Measures
  10. State PATH Contact HMIS Data Collection Decision Tool
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