Vermont HMIS Governance

This article holds the VT HMIS Governance Documents. These range from CoC to User level governance. 

VT HMIS Policy and Procedure Manual  

  • This document provides the policies, procedures, guidelines and standards that govern Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) operations, as well as the responsibilities for agencies and end users.
  • This document is reviewed by the HMIS Advisory Committee annually. If there are any updates, the document is sent to the HUD CoC's for approval. 

VT HMIS Governance Charter

  • The purpose of this Governance Charter is to confirm agreements between the Continuum of Care, and the Institute for Community Alliances.
  • This document is updated when there is an updated HMIS Policy and Procedure Manual voted in.

VT HMIS Agency Partner Agreement

  • Lays out the roles and responsibilities of the agencies entering data in to the HMIS
  • This document is signed by all agencies entering data into the HMIS annually.

VT HMIS User Agreement

  • Lays out the responsibilities of the HMIS User. 
  • This document is signed by all users entering data into the HMIS annually. They are required to sign this when they first gain access to the live site and then each year after the pass the HMIS Security and Privacy training.

VT HMIS Consumer Notice  

  • Informs clients that the agency enters client data into the HMIS
  • This notice must be placed in a visible area where clients will have the opportunity to view it.

VT HMIS Baseline Privacy Notice

  • The Baseline Privacy Notice is part of the VT HMIS Policy and Procedure Manual. The Baseline Privacy Notice must be given to the client upon request. 
  • Often asking for the Baseline Privacy Notice sounds like, "Why do I have to share my information with you? Who are you sharing my information with? Who has access to my information?" and so on. 

VT HMIS Coordinated Services Agreement

  • This agreement allows the Vermont Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) User listed to enter client data as, or on behalf of, the agency listed below and/or to report on behalf of the agency. 

VT Agencies Using HMIS

  • List of all the agencies that enter data into the VT HMIS
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