ESG Program HMIS Manual

The Emergency Solutions Grants Program (ESG) HMIS Manual is intended to support data collection and reporting efforts of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Lead Agencies and ESG recipients and subrecipients. This manual provides information on HMIS project setup and data collection guidance specific to the ESG Program. 

This document is not a replacement for any specific program guidance, requirements, regulations, notices, and training materials on the ESG Program. This manual only addresses the use of HMIS for ESG.

  1. Revision History
  2. Introduction
    1. Additional Resources
  3. HMIS Resources
  4. HMIS Project Setup
    1. Identify Projects for Inclusion in HMIS
    2. Identify Funding Components for each Project
    3. Set Up Projects in HMIS 
    4. Organizational Identifiers (2.1)
    5. Project Identifiers (2.2)
    6. Continuum of Care (CoC) Code (2.3)
    7. Project Type (2.4)
    8. Method for Tracking Emergency Shelter Utilization (2.5)
    9. Federal Partner Funding Sources (2.6)
      1. HUD: ESG – Emergency Shelter (operating and/or essential services)
      2. HUD: ESG – Homelessness Prevention
      3. HUD: ESG – Rapid Re-Housing
      4. HUD: ESG – Street Outreach
      5. Bed and Unit Inventory Information (2.7)
      6. Additional Project Information (2.8)
  5. Special Project Set-up Notes for ESG
    1. Comparable Databases
    2. Project funding for Legal Service providers
    3. Projects funded by multiple jurisdictions
  6. Data Collection Requirements
    1. Universal Data Elements (UDE)
      1. Special notes about UDE’s:
    2. Common Data Elements
  7. Special Data Collection Instructions
    1. Street Outreach
    2. Emergency Shelter
    3. Homelessness Prevention
    4. Rapid Re-Housing
  8. ESG Reporting
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Other Resources

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