Clarity Custom Reporting

Custom reporting is the last piece of the migration process. Custom reports do not and can not be migrated from one system to another. The databases utilize their own unique reporting platforms, Business Objects XI (aka ART) in ServicePoint and Looker in Clarity. That means that the entire reporting ecosystem has to be built from scratch. Custom reports cannot be built until the data needed to populate them are migrated. This is also challenging because the staff with the specialized skills to build custom reports are also the same staff responsible for the data migration.

For these reasons and many more, requests for custom reports will take time. This is not to say that we don't want to hear from you, we do! You may contact the HelpDesk at any time with a report request and we will be sure to get all information needed and sent to the reporting team to be completed when feasible. Our reporting team is working hard to complete all reports as quickly as possible. 

Click HERE  to learn more about custom reporting and the NH HMIS migration process. 


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