VA Programs HMIS Manual

The VA Programs HMIS Manual is intended to support data collection and reporting efforts of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Lead Agencies and U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) program grantees. 

This manual provides information on HMIS program setup for VA funded projects. Data collection instructions and other standard guidance for VA funded projects are provided in an additional document, the VA Data Guide. While the VA Data Guide is meant to convey all data management requirements to VA grantees, necessary tools to properly meet those requirements and information needed to help manage program data, the VA Programs HMIS Manual is meant to help system administrators and HMIS Lead staff ensure that VA funded programs are properly set up in HMIS.

  1. Revision History
  2. Introduction
    1. Additional Resources
  3. HMIS Resources
  4. HMIS Project Setup Steps
    1. Identify Projects for Inclusion in HMIS
    2. Identify the VA Program Funding each Project
    3. Set Up Projects in HMIS 
      1. Organization Identifiers (2.1)
      2. Project Identifiers (2.2) 
      3. Continuum of Care Code (2.3) 
      4. Project Type (2.4)
      5. Method for Tracking Emergency Shelter Utilization (2.5) 
      6. Federal Partner Funding Sources (2.6)
      7. Bed and Unit Inventory Information (2.7) 
      8. Additional Project Information (2.8)
  5. Data Collection Requirements
  6. Special Data Collection Instructions 
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