Referral Statistics - Inbound Report

[RFRL-103] Referral Statistics - Inbound

Report Purpose and Summary

This is a referral-based report providing aggregate counts of referrals, broken out by different statuses and reports on  referrals that were referred to the agency running the report. The report details referrals that were created within the reporting period or where any of the following activities were recorded during the reporting period:

  • Pending
  • Pending - In Process
  • Denied
  • Expired
  • Completed

All users can run the report. There are restrictions for which information can be accessed based on the rights of the user.


Make sure you are operating in Clarity under the agency you are running the report for. You can check and change this under your name in the top right corner.

Step 1: Click on the  Launchpad Icon and select the Reports icon.

Step 2:Once on the  Reports main page, click the down arrowto expand the Community and Referrals section. 

Step 3: Click the  Run button next to [RFRL-103] Referral Statistics Inbound.

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