Report Purpose and Summary

ESG CAPER uploads are required at regular intervals set by the Department of Housing and Urban development. This guide will show you the steps to follow in HMIS to retrieve the file to upload to your SAGE.


Accessing the Export 

Step 1: Click on the  Launchpad Icon, and select the reports icon.

Step 2: Once on the  Reports main page, click the down arrow next to the HUD Reports to expand the section. 

Step 3: Click the  Run button next to [HUDX-228] ESG CAPER [FY2022]

Reporting Parameters 

Step 4: Enter the following parameters:

Step 5: Click Submit

The file will be sent to the  Report Queue. Once the report is processed, you will receive a notification that the report is ready.

To open the report, either select  Open on the popup or click the Queue icon and then click Download.

Step 6: You may save this report in one of four ways:

  • Webpage (this will allow you to click into the report and see clients names and unique identifiers) 
  • PDF 
  • Excel
  • CSV

Submitting to SAGE 

Once the report has been cleared of all errors that can be cleared, you are ready to submit it to SAGE.
To submit the report to SAGE:
  1. Click download and save report to a folder you will be able to retrieve it from.
  2. The report downloads to a CSV file that is required for upload to SAGE. 
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