LSA - Project Descriptor HDX Upload Test Report

[HUDX-236] LSA – Project Descriptor HDX Upload Test [FY 2022] 

Report Purpose and Summary

This report is used to prepare for HDX upload without running client data.  The purpose is to identify project descriptor issues in the LSA submission process.  


Make sure you are operating in Clarity under the agency you are running the report for. You can check and change this under your name in the top right corner.

Step 1: Click on the Launchpad, then click on the Reports icon. 

Step 2: In the Report Library, click the down arrow next to the HUD Reports folder to expand the section.

Step 3: Click the Run button to the right of [HUDX-236] LSA – Project Descriptor HDX Upload Test.

Reporting Parameters

Step 4: Enter the following parameters

LSA Scope Selected
CoC Select the Continuum of Care
Agency Status Select All Agencies, Active Agencies, or Inactive Agencies
Agency(-ies) Select the agency(-ies) to include in the report (hold either control/command/shift button to select multiple)
Program Status All, Active or Inactive
Program Type(s) Select the Program(s) to include in the report (hold either control/command/shift button to select multiple)
Program(s) Select the Program(s) you would like to include in the report. The Program(s) displayed for selection will align with the Program Type(s) and Program Status selected above (hold either control/command/shift button to select multiple)
Report Date Range Enter the date range, for federal reporting the date range will be 10/01/xx – 9/30/xx

Report Output Format: Zip with CSV 

Step 5: Click submit

The file will be sent to the Report Queue. Once the report is processed, you will receive a notification that the report is ready.

To open the report, either select Open on the popup or click the Queue icon and then click Open.

Reporting Details

1.          Run the report for the selected CoC

2.          Upload to HDX per instructions received from HUD.

3.          An error report will be returned in HDX: 

4.          Ignore the missing files error, this is intentional because the client data was not run.

5.          Review and repair any project descriptors errors that are reported in the error report.

Once all project descriptor errors are corrected, then run the main LSA report: [HUDX-231-AD] LSA Export - Systemwide [FY 2020]. 

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